Workers are a crucial part of any colony. They are the people who build everything you need. When the player first starts the game they start with 1 Worker. In order to hire another one you will need a helmet, a tool case and a mallet.

  • You won't need any workers for recycling, building and upgrading walls or placing decorations.
  • The maximum un-bannable limit of workers is 5 workers. There are hackers that use more than 5 workers at a time comrades, I suggest you never use their trickery and hacking as it is a sign to yourself and all around you that you are about to get banned by "Luck Norris" the chief and head of Banning in Galaxy Life


per Colony
Required items
The Helmet 1  The Tool Case 1  The Mallet 1
The Helmet 2  The Tool Case 2  The Mallet 2
The Helmet 3  The Tool Case 3  The Mallet 3
The Helmet 6  The Tool Case 6  The Mallet 6


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