Warp Gate 3


"Starlings like to be together! Once you bring them to your colony,they all come here to wait for your orders."

Warp Gatesare used to hold the units you have trained. If you attack someone, the units located inside your warp gate can be used for your attack.


  • To hold more units, you need to build more Warp Gates or upgrade your current warp gates.
  • Sadly if your Warp Gate is 100% destroyed you will lose all units that were inside it.
  • From level 3 onwards the warp gate will stay looking the same, just like the one Elderby has, even though he dosen't use it.
  • Do your BEST TO DEFEND YOUR WARP GATES!! They give out a high concentration of Exp and War Points.



To see detailed info on how to unlock each level, and the total amount of buildings per Base level visit: Building Level Unlocks on Star Base's Page.

Star Base 2
Coins pile
Icon time
Icon health
Icon size
Stage 1 lvl 1 -- Coins 800 3m 8,000 200 Experience 3
Stage 2 lvl 2 3 Coins 3,000 45m 14,000 220 Experience 25*
Stage 3 lvl 3 ? Coins 13,000 2h 25,000 250 Experience 82
Stage 4 lvl 5 20 Coins 51,000 5h 28,000 300 Experience 291*
Stage 5 lvl 5 72 Coins 309,000 18h 49,500 350 Experience 1,058*
Stage 6 lvl 6 145 Coins 1,234,000 36h 54,000 400 Experience 3,885*

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