aka Uzzi

  • I live in In The World
  • I was born on November 14
  • My occupation is Wiki Editer,Admin,Founder.
  • I am A Human

This is Me:

Hey Guys whats up this is me Uzzi, i am a regularly galaxy life player, i started playing galaxy life in march and since then i am addicted to it!.My age is 13. i am born in Nov,14.Well i had to come to this wiki so had to lie!!!.My alliance is G.L. Joes 2, its my current alliance in in just 2 wars i got 5.000 war points!!. G.L. Joes 2 forever!!G.L. Joes 2 is level 19 soon level 20.!!!!!

What i Do?

I spend my time on the internet either browsing it or playing it.I also sometimes do a little game hacks and cheats and i also download some games for free from Utorrent. I also play Galaxy Life OFCOURSE!, I also sometimes help my father cooking, working in the shop, some computer stuff. I also know some coding to to top it up!

My Base in Galaxy life:

My level in galaxy life is 204, my main planets star base level is 8 and 3 of my colonies are level 7.I play Galaxy life everyday thus i level up every 2 or 3 days.I am currently in G.L. Joes 2 the best alliance i had.Well i am looking for a way to get mana light and star baterry.If anyone can give me some star batterys then i will units in their friends bunker everyday!!

G.L. Pocket Adventures.

Hi guys, i have been playing pocket adventures since october and since then i love it!!!, well i have been getting much info about it already, so i was thinking if we could meet on facebook or somewhere you would like me to.

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