Training Camp 3


"The place where Starlings are trained. Get the best troops ever!"

The Place where Starlings are trained to be soldiers! They are cheap and efficient but you need to know how to use them! When training, a starling will either roll on its back or do press ups in this building. Use this Building wisely as it will help all you newbies out there! Also its also very helpful in creating spam-able units such as Marines.


This is the place where you tain all your infantry. It includes the Marine, Looter, Flamethrower, bazooka, Kamikaze, Starlinator. This building also gives out a lot of war points so keep it safe, to your enemys in wars!

The Units Cost:

The Marine :Cost of Level 1: 75 coins

The Looter  at Level 1 costs: 150 coins

The Flamethrowerat Level 1 costs: 250 coins

The Bazooka at Level 1 costs: 450 coins

The Kamikaze at Level 1 costs: 1550 coins

The Starlinator at Level 1 costs:16.600 coins



To see detailed info of how to unlock each level, and the total amount of buildings per Base level visit: Building Level Unlocks on Star Base's Page.

Star Base 2
Coins pile
Icon time
Icon health
Icon size
Stage 1 lvl 1 -- Coins 800 6s 4,000 15 Experience 3
Stage 2 lvl 3 2 Coins 2,000 36m 16,000 20
Stage 3 lvl 4 28 Coins 12,000 7h 32,000 25

Building Models

Units trained & Activation Info


• Click on the Tumbnails to see detailed info of each Unit.
• To know how to unlock further levels, visit Troop Level Unlocks at Laboratory's Page.

Level 1 Unit
Icon time
Star Base 4
- 14px-Minerals - Level 1
5m 14px-Minerals 3,700 Level 1
2h 14px-Minerals 14,900 Level 1
8h 14px-Minerals 14,900 Level 1
8h 14px-Minerals 59,500 Level 2
1d 4h 14px-Minerals 7,142,400 Level 6


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