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A System is a composition of different planets in a ascjkj-haped form. When you click on a system, a screen with a few Planets of that system pops up. Each system has different forms and sizes, and colonies in yellow, green and blue galaxy systems have unique planet backgrounds and Obstacles & Plants. All systems can have a maximum capacity ofaefa planets.

Green Solar System

System green
Green solar Systems, or sometimes called Spiral System are systems with two spiral arms and a turquoise color. Colonies here have special backgrounds, which take place in a Sunny Valley filled with Grasses and Trees.Any Green Planets don't have rocks such as Radquid.It seems to resemble the real-life spiral galaxies, especially the
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Pinwheel Galaxy. There are also several special Obstacles & Plants that can only be found in these systems. Green Systems are quite common and can be found all over the universe, usually bonded in clusters with a handful of them, although some are solitarily floating around the universe, or clumped with other kinds of galaxies.

Special Obstacles

Blue Solar System

System blue

Blue Solar Systemsare galaxies with four spiral arms and a color. A colony in some of these galaxies have a Blue Swamp-like.

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Special Obstacles

Yellow Solar System

System yellow

The yellow solar system are systems with more than 7 to 6 arms.This system can be slow or fast.A colony in any of these systems bear a totally a Deserted planet/Sandy Terrain.

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Special Obstacles

Red Solar System

System red

Red solar systems form the strange and unique triangle shape. The majority of planets in these systems have the Autumn-Like forest except for starting planets, the players original planet shall remain the same as every other galaxy.

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Special Obstacles

White Solar System

System skyblue

White solar systems form a rectangular shape. All of planets in these systems, except for NPC's planets and player's original planet,bear a snowy planet with bright weather and have a snowfall.

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Special Obstacles

Purple Solar System

System purple

These systems have a single ring of planets around them. Observatory-Colonized planets here are filled with Craters,Violet Terrain and good weather.

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Special Obstacles

Background on Colonized Planets

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