StarPort 3


"Our Starlings are the Pilots of the future ! These flying attack units are exclusively driven by them."


  • While a low-level player can't really use it, a much higher-level player will find it a valuable asset as it creates aircrafts that ground-only turrets can not target.
  • It makes Wasps , Hoover UFO's , Falcons and Zeppelins.
  • Air units are the most expensive units.
  • When destroyed, a level three of this can fetch 1352 xp
  • In higher level player they are protected because if they are destroy, it will stop the crafting unit and give easy war points to your enemys during an Alliance war



To see detailed info of how to unlock each level, and the total amount of buildings per Base level visit: Building Level Unlocks on Star Base's Page.

Star Base 2
Coins pile
Icon time
Icon health
Icon size
Stage 1 {{{Base Req Stage 1}}} {{{Instant Upgrade Stage 1}}} Coins 20,020 15m 4000 5 Experience 55
Stage 2 {{{Base Req Stage 2}}} {{{Instant Upgrade Stage 2}}} Coins 95,700 1h 16000 10 Experience 256
Stage 3 {{{Base Req Stage 3}}} {{{Instant Upgrade Stage 3}}} Coins 483,600 12h 32000 15 Experience 1,352

Building Models

Units trained & Activation Info


• Click on the Tumbnails to see detailed info of each Unit.
• To know how to unlock further levels, visit Troop Level Unlocks at Laboratory's Page.

Level 1 Unit
Icon time
Star Base 4
20h 14px-Minerals 476,200 Level 3
Hoover Ufo
25h/1d 1h 14px-Minerals 1,488,000 Level 4
2d 17h 14px-Minerals 3,809,300 Level 5
31h 14px-Minerals 16,760,800 Level 8
{{{Unit Thumbnail 5}}} {{{Building Time 5}}} {{{Cost 5}}} {{{Star Base Level 5}}}
{{{Unit Thumbnail 6}}} {{{Building Time 6}}} {{{Cost 6}}} {{{Star Base Level 6}}}


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