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High speed light vehicle. For fast exploration and spread damage. Works better in large groups!
  — In-game description 

The S-Trike’s movement speed is almost similar to the movement speed of Falcons. It’s attack tactic is to “get inside and go ape-style.” Once it is deployed, it will weave around bases, firing at anything it passes. Because of these two factors, S-Trikes are the most Mortar-resistant unit next to Falcons. When Mortars fire, the S-Trike it was targeting will have already moved out of range of the shot. After that, it’s all luck whether or not the shot hits anything. Cannon Blasts function similar to Mortars, so S-Trikes will also be able to dodge their shots, but to a lesser degree (Cannon Blast shots move faster). Turrets target Mechanized units, making S-Trikes a candidate to distract units.

Bunkers filled with fast units (Falcons), targeting units (Bazookas, Colossus, and even Wasps) or other Air Units will quickly get rid of S-Trikes. Sniper Towers and Laser Towers will also quickly take out S-Trikes. Upgrading S-Trikes to level 4 upwards will give massive health and damage increases, but also huge price increases.

NOTE : In Pocket Adventures, S-Trike's speed is severely reduced compared to S-Trikes in Flash. Therefore, they are far less effective in PA. Most of the time, it is more efficient to use beetle tanks instead of using S-Trikes.


To see detailed info of how to unlock each level, visit Troop Level Unlocks
on Laboratory's Page.

Building Time
Damage Type
Fire Rate
Target Units
1 2m Coins 2750 1600 350 Area 1.25/sec Anything Ground 1.2 120 30
2 2m Coins 4210 1800 550 Area 1.25/sec Anything Ground 1.2 120 30
3 2m Coins 6860 2100 800 Area 1.25/sec Anything Ground 1.2 120 30
4 2m Coins 9660 2400 1000 Area 1.43/sec Anything Ground 1.4 120 30
5 2m Coins 14430 2700 1300 Area 1.43/sec Anything Ground 1.4 120 30
6 2m Coins 20420 3200 1700 Area 1.67/sec Anything Ground 1.5 120 30