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Coins Group

Coins are the first resource you need to gather in order to build your empire. They are gathered by collecting from Compact Houses, by looting Compact Houses and Banks while attacking a player or by opening a Mystery Cube. Coins are required to build any unit or building, upgrading buildings and buying new Colonies. Coins are stored in the Star Base and in Banks.


Minerals Group

Minerals are the second resource in the Starlings world. They are gathered from Mines or from looting or from Mystery Cube . They are used mainly for upgrading units and buildings. Also you need them to transfer your units while attacking (the cost depends on target distance). You need them for making new Colonies. You store these in Silo .

Galaxy ChipsEdit

Galaxy Chips Group
Galaxy Chips are the most powerful resource in the game. They are the Starling's virtual currency. You can get them by buying or more rarely by recycling plants in your planets.

With them you can buy more coins, minerals or Items or Shield. Also everything that is usually done with other resources can also be done with galaxy chips. They can be used for speeding up upgrades and repair buildings too. To get more of these you can find them by recycling plants or by buying more (£3.00 = 45gc)



Experience is the way in which the game rewards your advancement. You get experience by destroying buildings from other users or by building things (except for decorations).

You need a certain amount of experience to advance in level [For more information: Player Level Progression]

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