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Reptice is the latest Antagonist in the game. He lives on the other side of a black hole. In order to get the Freeze Turret, you must first defeat his starbase. Reptice invented the Freeze Turret.

Apparently he is a wizard according to the description: "We first need the blueprints to build the Freeze Turret! Rumor has it that Reptice, a hideous Starling wizard, knows the secret to slowing down time. Find him in the Planetary System, destroy his HQ and seize the blueprints for the freeze turret!"


  • He will level up once if you defeated him and got the Freeze Turret. (from LvL 4-5)
  • He is also the best looking starling in galaxy life.      
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Reptice's Story

Spoiler Alert
Upon defeating Reptice, he reveals that he was never hostile. He was a scientist, revered by many Starlings. However, an experiment went wrong and it left him deformed and ugly. The starlings hated him, so he escaped through a warp gate to a black hole to never return...

  • Reptice appears!
  • The battle is on!
  • Reptice is not a bad guy!
  • "I was a well renowned wizard. My cutting edge experiments were the pride of all Starlings"
  • "Until one day, something went wrong and my fate changed forever"
  • "I became a monster! The Starlings rejected me! Ashamed and scornful, I fled your world and sought shelter in this parallel world beyond the black veil."
  • Reptice's Pet Frog before they melted together
Reptice's Story

There are so many differences from the normal story to this story. Here is the story:

One day the starlings found a creature in a mine. A scientist adopted it. It was a cute, little frog. One day the scientist was doing an experiment but it went wrong. He melted together with his frog and every starling found him ugly. He disappeared into a warp gate to go to a black hole. Reptice is not a bad starling, but everyone hated and denied him, that is why he want to take revenge with his special weapon: The Freeze Turret!


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