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Reptice is the latest Antagonist in the game. He lives on the other side of a black hole. In order to get the Freeze Turret, you must first defeat his starbase. Reptice invented the Freeze Turret.

Apparently he is a wizard according to the description: "We first need the blueprints to build the Freeze Turret! Rumor has it that Reptice, a hideous Starling wizard, knows the secret to slowing down time. Find him in the Planetary System, destroy his HQ and seize the blueprints for the freeze turret!"


  • He will level up once if you defeated him and got the Freeze Turret. (from LvL 4-5)
  • He is also the worst looking starling in galaxy life.      
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Reptice's StoryEdit

Spoiler Alert
Upon defeating Reptice, he reveals that he was never hostile. He was a wizard, revered by many Starlings. However, an expierement went wrong and it left him deformed and ugly. The starling hated him, so he escaped through a warp gate to a parallel universe.

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Reptice's Story

There are so many differences from the normal story to this story. Here is the story

One day the starlings found a creature in a mine. A scientist adopted it but one day the scientist has an accident and the starlings hates him. He disappeared into a warp gate and he transfered in an ice planet. Unfortunatly the scientis dies but now the little crature is back and he's called Reptice! He is in search of revenge and he will obtain it with a potent weapon:The Freeze Turret!