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Plants appear on your planet every 6 hours that you are inactive. All plants reward you with: Coins or Minerals, and have a small probability to giveaway Galaxy Chips 1 or rarely Galaxy Chips 2. Some of the plants, will also, have a small chance of drop Items for completing some Collections. There are many types of plants, which differ depending on the Planetary System.


  • Plants that are large enough can be used to hide turrets like Mortars, Cannon Blasts, Sniper Towers, and Freeze Turrets. This can provide a massive defense bonus for un-prepared looters.
  • Unlike flash, plants in Pocket Adventures cannot be moved.

Plants Listed by System Color

Plant Common Planet Plants
Name Drop Rate
Deco rock 5 ready.png
Gravel Stones common
Deco longolemonus 2 ready.png
Longolemonus common
Deco longolemonus 4 ready.png
Longolemonus Big rare
Deco mielindrocus 2 ready.png
Mielindrocus common
Deco mielindrocus 4 ready.png
Mielindrocus Big very rare
Deco spirocles 1 ready.png
Spirocles Small common
Deco spirocles 2 ready.png
Spirocles common
Deco spirocles 4 ready.png
Spirocles Big very rare
Deco trenamora 2 ready.png
Trenamore common
Deco trenamora 4 ready.png
Trenamore Big very rare
Plant  Background obstacles 
These obstacles only appear on the background of your main planet.
Deco crashship 1 ready.png
spaceship crash
Deco crater 1 ready.png
small crater
Deco crater 3 ready.png
big crater

Plant Green Galaxy System Green Galaxy System Green Galaxy System
Name Drop Rate
Deco greengrass l ready.png
Yelluns Big common
Deco plant 3 ready.png
Greboly common
Deco flower 1 ready.png
Gadetina common
Deco plant 2 ready.png
Lilicus common
Deco tree 5 ready.png
Cloudon Small common
Deco tree 4 ready.png
Cloudon common
Deco tree 2 ready.png
Cloudon Big common
Deco tree 1 ready.png
Cloudon Double rare
Deco ciprescomun 3.png
Ciprescomun common
Deco ciprescomun 4.png Ciprescomun Big rare

Plant Blue Galaxy System Blue Galaxy System Blue Galaxy System
Name Drop Rate
Deco bluetree m ready.png
Lithelus common
Deco bluetree l ready.png
Lithelus Big rare
Deco blueshrumic s ready.png
Shrumic common
Deco blueshrumic m ready.png
Shrumic Big rare
Deco blueplant s ready.png Nitfung common
Deco blueplant l ready.png
Nitfung Big rare
Deco bluebambuspade s ready.png
Bambuspade common
Deco bluebambuspade l ready.png
Bambuspade Big rare
Deco bluepigmeria s ready.png
Pigmera common
Deco bluepigmeria m ready.png
Pigmera Big rare

Plant Yellow Galaxy System Yellow Galaxy System Yellow Galaxy System
Name Drop Rate
Deco rock 5 ready.png Sand stones common
Deco rock 7.png Clay stones common
Deco yellowcris 2.png
Yellowcris common
Deco yellowcris 4.png
Yellowcris Big rare
Deco yellowplant m ready.png
Chickela common
Deco darkrelus 3.png
Darkelius Big rare
Deco darkrelus 4.png
Darkelius common

Plant Red Galaxy System Red Galaxy System Red Galaxy System
Name Drop Rate
Deco redrock xs ready.png
Kansard Small common
Deco redrock s ready.png
Kansard common
Deco redrock m ready.png
Kansard Big rare
Deco redplant s ready.png
Yelluns Small common
Deco redplant m ready.png
Yelluns common
Deco redplant l ready.png Yelluns Big rare
Deco yellowtree s ready.png
Atlacier Small common
Deco yellowtree m ready.png
Atlacier common
Deco redtree s ready.png
Atlacier Big rare
Deco redtree m ready.png
Atlacier Extra very rare

Plant White Galaxy System White Galaxy System White Galaxy System
Name Drop Rate
Deco korice 1.png
Korice Small common
Deco korice 2.png
Korice common
Deco korice 3.png
Korice Big rare
Deco korice 4.png
Korice Extra very rare
Deco blueloon 2.png
Blueloon Small common
Deco blueloon 3.png
Blueloon common
Deco blueloon 4.png
Blueloon Big rare
Deco whitestone s ready.png
Emerwee Small common
Deco whitestone m ready.png
Emerwee common
Deco whitestone l ready.png
Emerwee Big rare

Plant Purple Galaxy System Purple Galaxy System Purple Galaxy System
Name Drop Rate
Deco purplecris s ready.png
Purpcrys Small common
Deco purplecris m ready.png
Purpcrys rare
Deco purpleplant s ready.png
Fungandano common
Deco purpleplant m ready.png
Fungandano Big rare
Deco purpletree m ready.png
Darkelius common
Deco purpletree l ready.png
Darkelius Big rare
Deco purplegap s ready.png
Crackgap common
Deco purplegap m ready.png
Crackgap Big rare
Deco purplerock s ready.png
Crecita common
Deco purplerock m ready.png
Crecita Big rare

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