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Massive area damage with low fire rate. Targets only ground units.
  — In-game description 



  • This tower is able to kill a Colossus in a few shots.
  • It's the king of killing ground units.
  • It has huge range so for the best defense, hide it in the middle of your base behind large buildings and players un-aware that it is there will suffer from it's attack.
  • A good strategy is to place a Mortar with a fully upgraded Rocket Launcher next to it. This will provide effective defense against ground and air units.
  • You may also want to put a Freeze Turret near it as it has a slow reload time.
  • Can't attack air units.
  • It is currently the most expensive turret and the last one you can get, coming just after the freeze turret.
  • It could be called the ground version of a Zeppelin? (with a lot more range)

Range: the maximum range is 464, this means a circle with a radius of 9 squares diagonal or 13 squares lateral.



To see detailed info on how to unlock each level and the total amount of buildings per Base level, visit the Star Base's page.

Star Base requirement
Instant upgrade
Building time
Fire rate
Damage Type
Target Units
1 5 ? Coins 140000 3h 32000 2400 408 0.31/s Area Blast Ground 92
2 5 ? Coins 280000

Minerals 170000

14h 40000 2880 408 0.35/s Area Blast Ground 219
3 6 ? Coins 1120000

Minerals 450000

2d 10h 50000 3480 464 0.35/s Area Blast Ground 821


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