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Galaxy Life Reborn is a fan project started by GaLaXy1036 and grew to be developed by Marido, unelegal, and LifeCoder, making the team 'The Holy Engineers' which aims to revive the Pocket Adventures version and the Flash version of Galaxy Life by making a private server. The Holy Engineers posts updates on one Discord server while GaLaXy1036 posts on two, and Marido also posts on the Forums

The Pocket Adventures version (the version you play on your phone) is missing a few features and is released to the public and the download link is here!. The Flash version (the pc version you played on your browser) is also missing many features but is released to the public and you can play it here! In both of the Discord servers there are special assigned channels specifically for progress on the private server development, here is a link for the official one:

Galaxy Life Reborn Discord Server:

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Play Galaxy Life Now!: 

Galaxy Life Reborn:

Pocket Adventures Reborn:

Want to set up the server yourself? Download the server here: (OUTDATED)


Q: Where is the game?


Q: Can i play it on pc?

A: The Flash version is in development but you will be able to play Pocket Adventures on pc if you install Bluestacks.

Q: Is Majorworm the creator of the private server?

A: No, that honorable title goes to The Holy Engineers, and GaLaXy1036 for starting it all.

Q: Will there be attacking?

A: PVP is here but you will not gain any loot nor will the attacked player lose anything, you will however, be able to attack NPCs

Q: Is this a fan remake, or the original game?

A: It is the original game.

Q: I am confused. So, can i play or not?

A: Galaxy Life Flash Reborn:

Galaxy Life Pocket Adventures Reborn:

Q: Where will I be able to download it from?

A: Here or the Discord Server

Q: Bruh, it's been 2 weeks already where's the new update at?

A: The Holy Engineers have a personal life (unbelievable, eh), so we have some delay. The first release is finished though. 

Website to play the flash version:

Have fun playing Galaxy Life again!

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