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Starling Happy New.png Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures is the iOS version (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) and Android version of the social game Galaxy Life developed by Ubisoft. It is a real time strategy game where you collect resources, and aim to rebuild the mighty Starling empire.
But beware, other players have the same goals as you.
   The game has been Reborn! Check the Reborn page!!!

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The following infoboxes shows all the aspects of the game regarding Gameplay, Buildings, Troops, Items and Resources of the Starling Universe; as also, all the aspects linked
to the game Environments, Objectives and Subjects. You will find this same info on the top Navigation Bar.


Main Star Base 4.pngLaboratory 3.pngObservatory 3.png
Resource Compact House 4.pngMine 4.pngBank 3.pngSilo 3.png
Military Training Camp 3.pngFactory 3.pngStarPort 3.pngWarp Gate 3.png
Defensive Cannon Blast.pngSniper Tower.pngMissile Launcher.pngLaser Tower.pngMortar.pngFreeze turret.png
Screenshot 2015-10-09-00-32-51~2~2.pngBunker 3.pngWalls Group.pngMinetrap 001 shop.png


Infantry Marine.pngLooter.pngFlamethrower.pngBazooka.pngKamikaze.pngStarlinator.png
Vehicles Beetle Tank.pngStrike 1.pngRaider.pngThe Mole.pngColossus.png
Aircrafts WASP.pngHoover Ufo.pngFalcon.pngZeppelin.png



Starlings Starling Citizens Resources CoinsMineralsGalaxy ChipsExperience
NPC's ElderbySparragonFirebitRepticeCouncelor MobiusMajor wor Items My StuffCollectionsCrafting
Galaxy SystemsColony 4.pngPlants Others Worker.pngGeneralwor.pngFlag alliance.png


Starlings Friends.png
Administrators Friendly Sites Users Alliances


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To Do List

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  • Rework every unit page
  • Rework every galaxy page
  • Rework Alliances page
  • Rework Collections page
  • Rework Freeze Turret page
  • Rework My Stuff page
  • Add categories to pages
  • Add tons of missing images in almost every page
  • Fix unit data to be accurate and organized
  • Get a community page

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Official Game Updates

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  • Galaxy Life Version 1.3.4
    (08/02/2012) By Chubi (GL Forum Admin)

Hi Earthlings!

Here you can find every detail about our latest build. Note that Reptice has arrived to GLPA, including his popular Freeze Turret and a new chain of missions. Also, premium support will take care of our most dedicated players.


• New npc, named Reptice, who brings new missions and a defensive turret.
• Premium Support available to our most valuable users.
• Any process that takes more than 1 hour will send a notification when finished.

Bug Fixes

• Fixed a bug that allowed to take revenge too many times.
• Fixed a bug that allowed to misplace a building.
• Fixed a bug that caused the headquarter to disappear.
• Fixed a bug that prevented decoration objects to reappear (rocks/trees/...).

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SuperSprinter156 SuperSprinter156 21 February 2016

The End of Galaxy Life

The servers for both computer and mobile have shut down. Its impossible to get back on, its the end of Galaxy Life...

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MeJo MeJo 7 December 2015

Game offline

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-alex48starlings- -alex48starlings- 20 July 2013

Back for running up the wiki again ;)

as chubi says i'm back!

i will run this wiki again! i am about to start!

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Yashpinto Yashpinto 10 January 2013


How many of you guys GLPA ... ??

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Uzzi21 Uzzi21 6 January 2013

I love this wiki

Hey guys whats up, i just wanted to say that i love this wiki and contributing to it, i am always online so i dont have anything to do so i come up h…

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LeoE123 LeoE123 23 November 2012



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-alex48starlings- -alex48starlings- 5 November 2012

hey guys!!!

i am rcently joined this wiki BUT i am an experienced GL player so, if u got a question write on my messagge wall!!


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Snazzycat99 Snazzycat99 12 July 2012


I realized many people on the wiki are having trouble with hackers: a level 273 guy attacked me- I'm level 38. (Not a war)

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Collosusmacherie12 Collosusmacherie12 1 July 2012

Collosus !

me attacked a level 238 with Colossus! I m level 45! He destroyed two planets from me!

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TheSoDeM TheSoDeM 13 June 2012

Alliance Progress

So far my alliance has been through many of the various stages of success and failure. From up high to way down lay and everywhere in between.

At firs…

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