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I noticed some wikia projects for other Digital Chocolate games (w:c:ArmyAttack, w:c:GangsOfBoomtown, w:c:ZombieLane) and I was thinking perhaps making a wiki for DC's new game "New In Town" at w:c:NIT perhaps (I'm waiting until I can actually play it since it won't load properly) because apparently the one at w:c:NewInTown got closed for some reason?

Basically I've noticed that wikis for facebook games by the same company (for example, Zynga's ones for Castleville/FarmVille/Empires and Allies, etc) often affliate with one another, by linking to each other on their main pages, consulting with one another for problems, recruiting members, encouraging people to try out the other games, and all that.

I think it might be cool if a Digital Chocolate collective was also made for this. What does everyone think?

This community has a lot of Bureaucrats and Administrators so I'm just making a forum topic for this rather than bringing it up individually as the numbers are a bit overwhelming. Please chime in with what you think. +Yc 21:47, May 16, 2012 (UTC)

Hello, Please see the comment I left on your message on my wall. :)

The main problem with linking to the others is that we do not know the admins of those wikis, if there are any that are still active. However, we will try to get in touch with them. It is a rather good idea.

Wikis are mostly for statistics. I don't think a Digital Chocolate collective wiki is really necessary. Their website will do just fine for that.

Kyle$calise (GL Wiki Founder) 22:08, May 16, 2012 (UTC)

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