Firebit is the best being the first of three main antagonists in the game. He attacks you at the very beginning of the game, on the "Save The Starlings" mission chain; first with a group of Marines, and a few missions after, he says that he has rebuilt his planet and kidnaps your starlings. That kidnapping is the beginning of the main story. You must destroy Sparragon 's Star Base for the obtain the Delta Key , and then train lots of troops for destroy Firebit's Star Base so you could rescue the starlings. After that, you can attack him as many times as you want, but per attack, his planet will be stronger as the main enemy he is! To free your Starlings from Firebit you will need the Delta Key , which you will get by destroying Sparragon's Star Base for the first time (You only obtain it after you complete ). After every Attack, his Base will get stronger.



Firebit's Planet in System View

  • His horn looks like a devil horn
  • Firebit's Max. Lvl is 100 with a Lvl 8 Star base and a Lvl 2 Defense bunker loaded with Colossus,Zepplins or Starlinators (This could change in every attack), making it harder to destroy his base
  • He seems has a stronger planet.(The one near you is just a colony.)
  • He is the first purple starling born, because he was rotten when he fell from the Tree of Life.
  • He formerly has a weaker defense before being updated.
  • Beware, you will need several attempts to destroy his star base
  • Even though he has a normal level base, he has too many walls and defensive towers. (When his Base is lvl. 4 and he is lvl. 15 he has 7 Cannon Blasts and 7 Sniper Towers)
  • He attacks you with some hoover ufos and other units at the begining of the game, but some of the units cannot be unlocked with his star base level!
  • He activated starlinators in the third attack!
  • Beware several attempts you will to destroy his star base!
  • Theres a rumour that firebit was corrupted by Viotalite.

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