Digital Chocolate AddictsEdit

Digital Chcoolate Addicts is a collection of communities created by avid DChoc gamer, Kyle Scalise, based on DC's social games, New In Town, Galaxy Life, and Zombie Lane.


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What is DChoc Addicts?Edit

Digital Chocolate (DC) Addicts is a set of communities created by devoted fan, Kyle Scalise. DC Addicts' origin can be traced back to September 2011, when Kyle became addicted to Zombie Lane (which was released in March 2011). The first expansion took place when a new game emerged from the DC offices called Galaxy Life in November 2011. Kyle became addicted to this game the day it was released, thus Galaxy Life Addicts was born the day after. At the time of Galaxy Life Addicts' birth, the two existing communities were kept completely separate. The second expansion took place in January 2012, when Kyle became addicted to another DC game, Army Attack (released May 2011). At this time, the communities were combined to form Digital Chocolate Addicts, which was designed to be a central place for users to access all of the Addicts communities from a singular place.

Who is Kyle Scalise?Edit

Kyle Scalise is a 13 year old cancer survivor, and a Player Moderator for the Galaxy Life forums. Kyle became addicted to Zombie Lane right before going into a long surgery. He decided he wanted to share his devotion with fellow Zombie Lane players, so he made a fan site for the game, and eventually renamed it Zombie Lane Addicts. When Galaxy Life came out in November, Kyle had recovered from his surgery, but was stil undergoing chemotherapy treatments. He was skeptical about the game at first, but after giving it a try, he was instantly addicted, so addicted, that he created Galaxy Life Addicts the day after. The Galaxy Life team was so impressed with Kyle's fan site, that they named his in-game solar system after him, now named "Kyle". In December, the Galaxy Life team announced that they were looking for a new player moderator for their forums. Kyle applied as soon as he could, and now, the words "Galaxy Life Player Moderator" can be seen under his forum username. Then, in January 2012, while in Virginia, Kyle decided to give Army Attack a try, and was quickly addicted to that as well. He decided to begin work on an Army Attack Addicts community. Kyle is now finished with chemotherapy treatments, and on the road to recovery.