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"Absolutely necessary! Upgrade them and you'll get more Coins."

The Compact House is a resource building that produces coins. Coins collected from the Compact House can be used to buy allmost everything.
Coins can be stored in the Star Base, with a capacity of 9,000 coins, but mainly Banks are used to store coins.
The Compact Houses can be found under the Resources Tab in the Shop.


  • Compact Houses generate Coins over time. When their internal storage has reached the maximum capacity, they will stop generating coins. The internal storage of Compact Houses increases as they are upgraded.
  • An upgraded Compact House generates more coins, due to a faster rate and more capacity, and it takes more time before it's full. From level 6 and higher you can go to sleep and when you wake up it might still be producing coins.
  • If your coins storage capacity is full, you will not be able to collect more Coins. You can increase your capacity by building and upgrading Banks.
  • A Star Base can store Coins 9,000, no more no less, regardless of level.
  • Compact Houses will keep generating Coins when destroyed.
  • Compact Houses take more time and costs to upgrade to a next level compared to Mines.
  • High level Compact Houses have lots of health. Because of this, players will often line Compact Houses outside their base along with Mines, as to keep units with no target (no preference to attack defenses or anything) occupied tearing them down.
  • Low-level Compact Houses are repaired quicker than a high level one if it gets destroyed during a attack.

Traducción al Español
Las Casas compactas son los únicos edificios que producen monedas . Ellos se encuentran bajo la pestaña de recursos en la tienda. Nota que tu deberías tener suficiente capacidad de almacenamiento para guardar las monedas acumuladas. Las casas compactas generan dinero siempre, y pararán de hacerlo cuando su capacidad llegue al límite. Una casa compacta de nivel alto genera más dinero, a un ritmo más rápido y tiene más capacidad de monedas, pero necesita mucho tiempo para que se llene. Una casa compacta de nivel bajo genera menos dinero, pero está lista muy rápido. Para más detalles, observa la tabla siguiente.



To see detailed info on how to unlock each level, and the total amount of buildings per level visit: Building Level Unlocks at Star Base's Page.

Star Base 2
Coins pile
Icon time
Icon health
Icon coins perminute
Icon production coin
Icon filling time
Level 1 lvl 1 -- Coins 400 15s 1,500 Coins 12 Coins 720 1h Experience 2
Level 2 lvl 1 1 Coins 900 9m 3,000 Coins 22 Coins 1,980* 1h 30m Experience 4
Level 3 lvl 1 1 Coins 2,000 36m 4,800 Coins 40 Coins 5,400 2h 15m Experience 11
Level 4 lvl 2 ? Coins 4,000 2h 12,000 Coins 62 Coins 13,000 3h 30m Experience 28
Level 5 lvl 2 16 Coins 8,000 4h 24,000 Coins 92 Coins 27,600 5h Experience 56
Level 6 lvl 3 36 Coins 18,000 9h 48,000 Coins 124 Coins 55,800 7h 30m
Level 7 lvl ? Coins 37,000 22h 90,000 Coins 162 Coins 111,700 11.5h Experience 286
Level 8 lvl 4 173 Coins 78,000 43h 130,000 Coins 206 Coins 210,100 17h
Level 9 lvl 4 346 Coins 164,000 86h 210,000 Coins 256 Coins 395,500 25h 45m
Level 10 lvl ? Coins 345,000 130h 330,000 Coins 312 Coins 720,700 38h 30m

  • Note: at level 2 the storage capacity is mentioned as 1k. However, calculating the 22 coins per minute times 90 minutes makes 1,980 as capacity, so rounded 2k.


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