The colony shield protects your planet and all your colonies from being attacked for a certain time period. There are two different ways to get a colony shield. You get an automatic colony shield when you are attacked, or you could purchase a shield with chips. In the beginning of the game, you get a 7 day colony shield.

Automatic Colony Shields

If you are attacked, you will get an automatic colony shield, depending on the damage done to your base.

  • If your colony receives more than 50% damage, you will receive a shield that will be active for 12 hours.
  • If you receive more than 75% damage, your colony will be defended for 36 hours straight!
  • If one person attacks you four times in one hour, you will get one hour of protection.
  • If ten people attack you in 24 hours, the shield will protect you for 36 hours.
  • You lose colony shield if you attack another player.

Purchasing Colony Shields

You can also buy a colony chield with Galaxy Chips.

  • 12 hours = 3 Galaxy Chips
  • 1 day = 5 Galaxy Chips
  • 2 days = 9 Galaxy Chips
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