Colony 4

Description of Colonies

At Star Base level 4 you can unlock an Observatory and place it into your planet, this will grant you access to search for new planets around the galaxy. Once you find an empty planet that you see fit, you can colonize said planet, and use it as a second home, for gathering resources, and/or train more military units.

Colony Conquering Costs


To see detailed info on the max number of colonies you can have,
and how to unlock each one, visit: Observatory Page.

Colony Conquering Costs
Colony 1 Distance Icon costs
0-1 Coins 66,000
14px-Minerals 66,000
2 Coins 123,992
14px-Minerals 123,992
3 Coins 185,980
14px-Minerals 185,980
4 Coins 247,952
14px-Minerals 247,952
5 Coins 309,945
14px-Minerals 309,945
6 Coins 371,920
14px-Minerals 371,920
7 Coins 433,891
14px-Minerals 433,891
8 Coins 495,858
14px-Minerals 495,858
9 Coins 557,820
14px-Minerals 557,820
10 Coins 619,777
14px-Minerals 619,777

  • Colonies conquering costs depends on the distance of such colony from the main (original) planet/Starbase. So, later, we will figurate how to calculate costs propertly. Any ideas? How's the pattern between distance and cost? Leave a message on any admin's message wall.
  • But for now let's just say that it is approximately 66,000 minerals and coin per distance. So for a planet at 25 distance it would cost around 1,650,000 of each resource.
  • Colony price is not affected by the quantity of colonies you may already have, only by the distance of the intended colony.


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