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Galaxy Life Alliances

Part of the fun of Galaxy Life is joining and participating in an alliance. An alliance is a group of players that unite together against opposing alliances in Alliance Wars.

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Joining an Alliance


Alliance planets


Alliance Rewards


• To see detailed info of each unit, click on the unit medals thumbnails.
• These medals will unlock LvL 7 upgrade for each respective unit, for more info visit:
Troop Level Unlocks on Laboratory's Page.

Medal Requirements Troops Vehicles Aircrafts
Hoover Ufo
Alliance Wars
1 5 12 16 20 24 29 35 40 Coming
Soon !
Owned War
24px 450 24px 900 24px 2,000 24px 5,000 24px 12,000 24px 18,000 24px 30,000 24px 48,000 24px 60,000

Counselor Mobius

Counselor Mobius

Counselor Mobius is the Alliance know-it-all. He is the go-to guy if you ever have a question about how thealliances work. He will help you get started, and will be around to help you along the way if you ever get stuck.

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Official Galaxy Life Wiki Alliance: Hell Hounds

How'd you like to be allies with the admins of this wonderful wiki, as well as many of the users that helped to bring you all of this information? The official Galaxy Life Wiki alliance is Hell Hounds!

That's right, Hell Hounds!

Click Here if you are interested in joining!

Other Users Alliances

Check out Users Alliances Page to find out what alliance suits your needs.

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